Top tips to avoid the pitfalls of working from home

We all know the potential pitfalls of working from home. We’ve seen the videos of children barging in on serious TV interviews. Or people joining video calls from the bathroom. With the video still running.

You might not be live on the BBC, but here’s our top tips for successfully working from home and keeping your sanity.

Create and keep to a routine

While it might be tempting to have a long lie-in, try and keep to your regular routine. If there’s more than one of you sharing the home then it might help to know who is doing what and when, particularly if you have children to take care of as well.

Schedule breaks, lunch and a home time

It’s too simple when you work from home to just work all the time (in spite of what some bosses might think). Make sure that your schedule includes breaks, and that you have an agreed time to shut down the laptop.

No pyjamas

We’re not suggesting you need to be fully suited and booted, but changing out of your PJs helps you to get more into work mode. Remember, Winston Churchill kept lipstick in production during WWII as it was seen as good for morale. If it works for you, put on your lippy as well as slipping out of your PJs.

Create virtual tea breaks

You don’t have to stop hanging out with your workmates just because you’re all spread around the place. Whether it’s a Microsoft Teams get together for a cuppa, or a full-on virtual quiz, take time to stay in touch on more than just the work stuff.

Headphones could be your friend

For many of us, we’re sharing our “working” space with others who may or may not be working. To help avoid some of the distractions, this might be the time to invest in some good headphones. It’s up to you what you choose to hear or not then!

Move around the house

Even if you live in a small flat, there might be more than one place you could work from. Moving around will stop you feeling like you’re just stuck in one place. It might not be a massive change of view, but it could help you re-energise.

Think of the positives

You might not be able to have music in your normal office, but now you’re in charge of your space. That means you’re in charge of the playlist as well. Enjoy it!

Stay away from the snacks

We know, the fridge is never more than a few paces away, and there’s temptation all around. Try and stay away from snacking, other than in your scheduled break times.

Get outside

We probably don’t need much encouragement to get in our one daily outside exercise. Make sure you take the time to get out there. It’ll particularly help you to avoid the afternoon slump. You could also use your old commuting time for your outdoor exercise or another workout.

What’s working well for you? We’d love to hear your best tips on how you’re making working from home work for you.

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