Lockdown survey uncovers changes

A new survey we have carried out has revealed how people’s shopping and every day behaviours have changed during the lockdown.

The ‘Lockdown Survey’ was sent out to over 300 of our Members, customers and colleagues to capture how they were feeling about the lockdown and to assess any changes in behaviour and shopping habits during these uncertain times.

Among the questions asked in the survey were how they were feeling about the lockdown and how they were staying motivated, as well as what items they were buying more or less of and how often they shopped in store.

The survey reveals some interesting trends and headlines include:
· Basic essentials such as bread, milk, fruit and vegetables were purchased more often, while ready meals, meat and sweet treats have been bought less often during lockdown
· 63% were shopping less frequently in response to the lockdown, with the majority (33%) shopping once a week
· However, 48% were spending more during their grocery trips
· Customers were buying more cleaning products, with the most important feature being whether they were anti-bacterial, ahead of value for money and whether they were eco-friendly
· Customers mostly had a preference to shop in local convenience stores during lockdown than other alternatives, with reasons given including shorter queues and being within walking distance
· The most popular ways for keeping motivated were keeping in touch with loved ones and gardening
· Despite a rise in video calling, phone calls were still the most popular way of keeping in touch
· In terms of activities people were doing more of during lockdown, 53% were spending more time on social media, 47% spending more time gardening and 45% doing more cooking from scratch

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