Saying goodbye to loved ones

We have all had to make changes during these uncertain times and this includes the way that we say goodbye to our loved ones.

To help you during this difficult time, our Funeral Directors Andy, Jo and Aiden have created a series of films to explain to you how caring for loved ones has changed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The videos cover a range of topics from planning a funeral to the service itself and aim to help people understand the current restrictions put in place by Government and how Funeral Directors can guide families through these changes.

Since the lockdown, the way we've been arranging funerals has adapted. Our short film explains some of the changes that we've introduced and how we're supporting families at a time when they need us the most.

Attending a funeral during the lockdown has been limited to immediate family members, however, this short film highlights some of the different ways we've been able to include the wider circle of family and friends in paying tribute.

When the current restrictions are eased or lifted, we'll be on hand to support families in arranging memorial services that offer a more fitting tribute. Here we highlight the different ways that you can remember a loved one:

Our prepaid funeral plans might include some services that we're unable to offer, due to current restrictions. This short film highlights how we're helping families with alternative tributes, such as a memorial keepsake, when redeeming a loved one's plan:

If you need more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website:

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