Praise for hard working colleagues

Shoppers have spoken glowingly about our store colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak as they go above and beyond to ensure communities have food and essentials.

Hundreds of shoppers have taken the time to fill in an online survey about their experience in food stores over the last month as the country adapts to these unprecedented times.

The survey, a link to which is included on all till receipts, is a really useful tool to allow the Society to find out what its Members and customers have enjoyed during their shopping experience and what improvements they feel could be made.

What has been so heart-warming from the most recent surveys though is how many customers have gone out of their way to comment positively about the store they have visited and how they have stepped up to support their communities.

One respondent said of their local store: “In the midst of the virus, the store has kept going for all on the estate which has been a lifesaver for everyone. Thank you to all working at the store.”

Another, talking about the Birley Moor Road store in Sheffield, said: “The COVID-19 situation means we have decided to use only local shops. Our local Co-op store was well laid out and the staff were very professional and helpful.”

A similarly positive comment was made by this customer who said: “The store was very well set up during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lines were marked clearly and staff very helpful. I did not feel uncomfortable at all and the store was very well organised.”

Another respondent said of their experience on Easter Sunday: “We needed food for the evening and that day as my wife works for the NHS and in these difficult times we had not managed to shop, so to pop in on Easter Sunday, pick up good foods very easily, no big queues, pay easily and a safe, well-marked environment was spot on. Thank you.”

Many customers also singled out particular colleagues for their excellent service and attitude during these uncertain times.

Commenting on a colleague at Central England Co-op in Sawtry, a customer said: “They packed my bags and then asked if I was walking home. They then considerately distributed the weight between two bags without me even asking.”

A colleague in Eye, Suffolk, was described as: “Such a genuine, friendly lady who was very helpful and efficient. Great to feel like a valued customer under these stressful times and she is a credit to your company.”

Talking about colleagues at the Society’s Castle Donington store, a respondent said: “In difficult times, all the checkout staff have remained calm and helpful – much appreciated.”

Please do let us know your feedback by following the instructions on your receipt the next time you visit one of our stores.

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