No horsing around in our Chasetown store

Everyone is taking social distancing seriously at our food stores – including those with four legs!

Customers and Members nipping out for their food and vital essentials were in for a surprise when they joined the queue to enter the Highfields Road Food Store, in Chasetown, behind a horse and its rider.

The sight brought a smile to the face of all in attendance, and certainly helped to lift the mood during these uncertain times.

Chris Wharton, who snapped the images of the unusual customer, said: “I was sat in my car waiting for my wife to come back and the horse and rider saddled up beside my car before getting in the queue.

“I'm glad I took the photos because it was hilarious especially when the horse got to the front door.

“It had some fuss while someone went in for drinks and then went off up High Street.

“It is nice to cheer people up during these difficult times.”

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