No Easter eggs, just essentials please

A plea has gone out to people donating to food banks, to include essentials only, but no Easter Eggs.

On the run up to the Easter weekend, donations to food banks have continued to fall, while the demand for them has spiked due to Coronavirus.

And kind hearted people donating are being urged to make sure they focus on vital food and essentials to create the much-needed support packages to people in need, and to steer clear of sweet treats.

Items, such as cereal, tinned food and fruit, tea bags, dried pasta, rice, long life milk, sugar, biscuits, fruit juice and squash, pasta sauce and instant coffee are all needed at this time.

All items can be dropped into food banks across the majority of our stores, and these are then collected to create the food parcels. These contain around 11 items each, providing at least three days’ worth of meals for those in need.

Alison Carr, from Coalville Food Bank, in Leicestershire, said: “Due to the current situation we think it would be better for us to have donations of essential items that we are running low on such as tinned potatoes, long life milk, washing powder and coffee.”

Matthew Scade, from Waveney Food Bank, in Suffolk, said: “We do not need any more Easter eggs or sweets. What we do need is UHT milk and fruit juice, rice pudding and coffee.”

On average, food banks are seeing a 50% fall in donations coupled with a 100% rise in requests for food parcels with new enquiries coming from people who are self isolating, self employed and families who have children that would normally be getting free school meals.

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