How to keep your kids entertained on your daily walk

The daily walk is a key moment in the day for many families at the moment. It’s a good way to keep fit and if you’ve got young children, then it’s a way to help burn off some excess energy.
As we’re all being asked to stay local, then you may not have many different routes available to you.

So, how can you help entertain your kids while getting in your daily exercise? Here are some of our top suggestions:

  1. Spot and count the rainbow drawings that have gone up in many house windows. Keep a score and see if the numbers increase each time.
  2. Some communities have organised bear hunts, with teddy bears also appearing in windows. If your community hasn’t done this yet, see if you can contact other families to join in with a safe, neighbourhood bear hunt.
  3. Create a scavenger hunt or get your kids to write one. Don’t pick things up, but at the end of the walk try to remember everything you have seen.
  4. Get out the fancy dress. Choose a theme and let them dress up for the walk. If nothing else, you’re going to make other people smile when they see fairies, pirates or monsters walking down the street.
  5. If it’s been wet, or is still raining, get your wet weather gear and wellies on, and see how many puddles you can find to jump in. This will keep them focused on the next one, and the next one.
  6. See how many things they can find on a theme. You might choose things that are the same shape, a particular colour or begin with the same letter.
  7. Give them a map to follow. Even if you create a very simplified version of the route you’re going to take, kids might enjoy telling the rest of the family what to do and where to go.
  8. If you’re not on a busy path, then you could let your kids take photos of things that interest them on the way round. When you get home why not share the photos with friends and family?

Please remember whilst you are on your daily walk to observe the current Government guidelines on social distancing. We’re beating this together.

If you’ve got ideas that have worked for you and your kids, then we’d love you to share them with us on @mycoopfood with the hashtag #letscooperate.

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