How to arrange flowers for your loved one’s funeral

During these unprecedented times, many things have changed about how we get to say goodbye to our loved ones. With florists closed in line with Government requirements, you might be wondering how to put together flowers yourself as you say goodbye to your loved one.
While it might not be what you would have imagined, we have some simple tips and pointers for you to be able to still have flowers there on the day.

Have a look around the garden first
If you’re lucky to have flowers around you, then they could be a lovely starting point. There are still lots of daffodils and tulips around, as well as hellebores, bluebells and anemones. You don’t have to create a big flower display; even a simple hand-tied posy could be beautiful.

Don’t forget the trees and shrubs
There are lots of beautiful Spring blossoms around currently. A few small branches of flowering blackthorn or cherry is a cheering sight at the moment, and the lilac will be out soon. You might also have things like bay or laurel, which give structure if you’re creating a flat sheath type arrangement, or mixed in with flowers in a bunch.

Simple is beautiful
You can tie flowers together with anything you have to hand, from parcel string to any ribbon, even rubbers bands or hair bobbles.

Creative with containers
You may find that you have kept floral oasis or containers from flower arrangements you’ve had before, which you can repurpose now. Oasis allows for more upright, traditional arrangements, but may not be easy to get hold of at the moment.
You might have vases or jars that you’d like to use. You could use teacups or old bottles and tins, whatever works with the flowers you have to hand. If you’re arranging things into a vase or jar, then you can use thin masking tape or Sellotape to create a grid across the top to allow flowers to stand up a little more.

Using plants
You might have flowering plants in your borders or window boxes that you feel happy to dig up and put into a small planter to use. Consider the containers you have and the supplies for potting on. If there are children in your household, perhaps they’ve created or painted pots that they’d like to have used in this way.

Supermarket and farm shop flowers
You might find that your supermarket or other retailers that are still open may have flowers that you could buy. You could use them as they are, or combine more than one bunch into your own arrangement.

Artificial and handmade flowers
There are tutorials online for creating flowers from tissue paper, which you may have at home or possibly still find in some supermarkets. Silk or other artificial flowers can also be made into displays or wreaths, using the wired stems for shaping.

Artwork and drawings
Many of us are cheered by the pictures of rainbows popping up in windows around the country. It might be that a bright drawing, particularly if there are children, or budding artists, in the family, could be very beautiful and personal touch to the day.

Sources of inspiration
There are many florists on Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve found these to have the most inspiring ideas for the current situation.

These are unprecedented times, with many changes to the way we would all “normally” do things. We continue to be here to support you during this time, and helping you to give your loved one a dignified send-off.

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