Helping hands arrive to support Heatherton Village store

One of our hard working Membership and Community Council ambassadors has given an extra helping hand to her local store.

Joanna West, who has been an MCC for the past year, answered the call for help at our community store in Heatherton Village, Derby.

Colleagues needed a helping hand in ensuring the local community continues to access to vital food and essentials, and Joanna decided she wanted to take up the new role.

She said: “When I was asked if I’d be happy to help support Central England Co-op during the current pandemic I happily said yes.

“Usually I can be found working in schools, talking about the fantastic work we do promoting Fairtrade, and helping with ethical challenges in store, as well as assisting at events, talking about the Co-op difference.

“I’ve never been prouder to be part of the co-operative movement. I’m working with some amazing people, store colleagues who are going above and beyond to make sure they can stay open, and that customers can stay safe.

“They’ve had to put up with some very difficult circumstances they’ve been incredible and kept very calm. The term retail heroes has never meant more and when someone referred to me as one I must confess it brought a tear to my eye” she said.

Joanna has done everything from stocking shelves, scanning labels and displaying new products, and has also been helping out keep the store, baskets and trolleys extra clean.

“Customers have come to their local store, they’re glad to see colleagues they know who greet them with a smile, and they’re very happy to see most of the products they want are available,” she said.

Joanna has promised to continue to help as long as she is needed and will be keeping a smile on her face by knowing she is doing her bit for the community.

We are currently recruiting for new store colleagues, so do ask in your local store if you think you can help too.

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