Funeralcare heroes: here for you

We think it takes someone quite special to be part of our Funeralcare team, even in “normal” times.

To be there to support families at one of the most difficult times in their lives, and to care for a loved one on their final journey, takes a combination of compassion and professionalism.

Our teams continue to provide that during the current crisis, to be there for families 24 hours a day.

In these unprecedented times, we want to thank everyone involved in providing every aspect of our funeral services for their continued incredible work in supporting families, and each other.

They are there at the end of the telephone, 24 hours a day when anyone needs their services in making arrangements for a loved one. They will continue to be there, to support and care. As this crisis continues, we are all seeing that heroes come in many forms and, like our retail colleagues, our colleagues across Funeralcare are heroes to us, and to the families who have needed their services in recent weeks.

Thank you from all of us.

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United Kingdom
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