Funeral Care: A Statement

All of our colleagues are working hard to support families during this unprecedented time. Whilst we wait for national guidance from the government, our policy remains to give as much care and support to families who have lost loved ones, whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our teams.

On the advice of the World Health Organisation we are considering whether to limit the amount of mourners attending services to close family and friends only, at the same time we will give consideration to the use of transportation at funerals.

Previous government advice had been to treat Covid-19 in line with published advice on infectious diseases. For that reason, we are asking our colleagues to wear protective clothing when collecting a loved one who has been identified as having Covid-19 and bringing them into our care.

We appreciate that this can be upsetting for families but would ask you to understand that this is out of the hands of our team members and they are doing the best job they can in extremely difficult circumstances.

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