Five-figure donation allows FareShare Midlands to continue vital food work in community

A five-figure donation has been made to food hub FareShare Midlands to allow it to continue its vital work.

We decided to support our long-term partner to allow it to pay for vital extra transport and staffing costs to make sure that more emergency food packages continue to be delivered.

Our Chief Executive Debbie Robinson said: “As a co-operative retailer, we want to make sure we are leading the way for our communities during this difficult time.

“This is why we have arranged a donation to our food redistribution partners FareShare Midlands to pay for extra deliveries of vital food packages across the region.”

One of the vital community projects to benefit from this donation to FareShare Midlands is E2, based in Beaumont Leys, Leicester, which operates a special food hub to help people across the community in need of a little extra support.

The E2 food hub runs every Friday between 11am and 2pm and helps over 40 families per week.

The project is also unique in the fact is it organised like a small shop with shelving, fridges and freezers and users select items as they would in any other shop in an effort to alleviate some of the nervousness of users accessing food support.
Service user David Jennings, of Beaumont Leys, said: “It’s helped me no end. I’ve been coming for the past three or four months and having this has about saved my life.”

Sarah-Jayne Grant lives with her partner and toddler Matthew in Beaumont Leys and said the service had really helped.

She said: “We found out about it through word of mouth. It does help out a lot especially like when our washing machine broke and that means you’re spending money on that and you still have food to buy. Having this here has been great.”

Martin Buchanan, chief executive of the E2, said: “The food hub is currently distributing around 2,000 kgs of food per week – something which would not happen without Fareshare and especially Central England Co-op.”

The Salvation Army, in Wigston, is another of the 250 local good causes that benefits from our work with FareShare Midlands.

Major Carl Huggins said: “We provide a community meal for people in need, which is wholesome and fresh and all from FareShare.

“We can go away thinking we have helped out community and ensured that those who need support have been fed properly.”

The retailer already works with FareShare Midlands on a ground-breaking food redistribution project that sees all best before food items and non-food goods that cannot be sold taken to our Food Distribution Centre, in Leicester, where it is then delivered to FareShare who send them to support dozens of local charities.

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