Details of car park overhaul outlined as part of £3 million Boley Park investment

We have outlined plans for the major redevelopment of our car park at our Boley Park Food Store to help minimise impact for customers.

We recently started work on a £3 million overhaul of the Lichfield site which will lead to the creation of a brand new store, revamped petrol station, a large unit that will house a gym and two further retail units.

As part of this work, visitors during the coming weeks are being made aware of works taking place to improve the car park.

The new layout will include wider spaces, better traffic flow and improved lighting and walkways, new trees and planters, a new car wash, electric charging points for cars and a bike repair station.

Despite the works taking place, there will still be plenty of spaces available to park and the store will remain open for business.

Jamie Joyce, store manager, said: “A major part of our £3 million revamp is to improve the car park for visitors.

We apologise for any inconvenience but want our customers and members to know it will all be worth it when they see the brand new car park with a better layout and wider spaces.”

Work on the new store itself will start later this year and it will feature a raft of new elements including special eco-friendly fridges and lighting, a free water refill station, a phone charging area, customer seating inside and outside of the store as well as self-scan checkouts.

If work goes as planned, it is hoped that the new store will open in November. Once the new store is open for business work will begin on the three additional business units.

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