Corporate Responsibility at Central England Co-operative

Corporate Responsibility at Central England Co-operative

Corporate Responsibility defines how a business operates to minimise its negative impacts, for example on the environment, and maximise its positive impact for example on its employees.

As a co-operative we are guided by a framework of ethics.  The internationally recognised co-operative values and principles and our democratic structure is the first.  Then, as a long-time member of Business in the Community, we are challenged to balance a healthy business with healthy communities and a healthy environment. And on a global scale we are working in alignment with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals on our most important issues.

Working in alignment with United National Sustainable Development Goals

These pages explain in more detail how we are bringing to life our purpose, creating a sustainable Society for all - financially, humanly and environmentally.

Find out more about Central England Co-operative or read our 2020/21 Annual Report or check out our 2020/21 review film:

If you would like to know more about our policies and processes here is some further information.

•      Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

•      Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

•      Tax Policy

•       Inclusion statement (under review)

•       Environmental policy

•       Guide for Suppliers

•       Working for us

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