Colourful rainbow pictures give hope to our frontline heroes

Our stores have been made brighter over the Easter weekend thanks to some rainbow-themed messages.

The ‘Rainbows of Hope’ event was held in all stores over the bank holiday so our frontline heroes could see messages of hope and thanks for their hard work during this time.

Our store windows were decorated with the paintings and messages, and colleagues could even dress in colourful clothes as a way to show support to all key workers in our communities, in particular our lifesaving NHS heroes working on the frontline.

These ‘Rainbows of Hope’ images were then shared on social media - and we saw some incredible displays and outfits.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with NHS workers on the frontline.

The trend was reportedly started by a nurse who wanted to create “a sign of hope” for patients and staff in hospitals across the country.

Earlier this month, we announced a 10% discount for all NHS workers to say thank you for their efforts working on the frontline to help tackle the Coronavirus.

All NHS workers have to do is show their ID card when they visit any of our 242 food stores to receive 10% off all food and other essentials.

They will also be able to get priority access to our stores by moving to the front of any external queue when waiting to enter.

Debbie Robinson, Central England Co-op Chief Executive, said: “Our NHS workers are playing a vital role at this uncertain time and that’s why we wanted to do something to say thank you for their incredible efforts.

“Frontline workers, similar to our own colleagues in our stores and funeral homes, are essential to ensuring communities continue to be helped and supported and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.”

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