Colour in for Captain Tom

Everyone here at Central England Co-operative is in awe of Captain Tom Moore’s incredible fundraising feats for the NHS which have helped bring some much-need positivity in these uncertain times and captured the nation’s hearts.

We are particularly proud as our Marston Moretaine food store is his local shop and his family are regular visitors.

Our team has created a display for the store’s window to show their appreciation for Captain Tom’s incredible achievement, keeping it updated as the fundraising total continues to rise.

Visitors to the store will now be able to pick up some special colouring sheets which we have created so local children can wish Captain Tom a happy 100th birthday for April 30 as well as to thank him for what he has done for the NHS.

However, anyone can download the colouring sheets here and have a go themselves at home and display them in your windows for April 30th.

We would love to see pictures of your messages proudly displayed in your windows, so we can show Captain Tom just how proud and appreciative we are.

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