Co-op kids become radio stars

Any of our shoppers in store may have heard some rather special honorary colleagues making announcements this week.

Children of a number of our colleagues have recorded special messages that are now being played via the in-store radio asking customers who are shopping for vital food and essentials to adhere to social distancing to help ‘keep their parents safe’.

In Burton, Store Manager Paul Barratt’s daughter Amelia and team leader Nikki Marshall’s children Nevaeh and Eoghan can be heard in store.

Amelia said in her message: “We are in lockdown due to the Coronavirus and our dad, Paul, is working in the Central England Co-op store in Stapenhill. We are asking you to follow the social distancing guidelines and pay for shopping with contactless as we want our dad to be safe and come home to us.”

Nikki said: “They both really enjoyed making the recording for the radio, and it has been such a boost to hear them and the other children in store when I am working.”

Steve Lavender, Store Manager at Maple Avenue, in Ripley, is represented by his son Tom.

Tom said: “Please make sure you follow the social distancing guidelines to protect people like my dad.”

Hollie and Phoebe can be heard asking people to look after their mum Michelle Eastwood, from Weston Road store, in Stafford.

They said: “Our mummy Michelle works at the Weston Road Co-op. Please help our mummy and all of her friends in store by remembering to keep to social distancing. Stay safe and have a lovely day.”

Social distancing measures in place across stores include:
·   Stores using every other till point or checkout to keep customers and colleagues a safe distance apart
·   Special markings installed in front of till points and checkouts of at least one metre. If a customer needs to enter this area to place down a basket or use the keypad, colleagues move backwards to maintain a safe distance
·   Special markings installed to showcase two-metre safe distances while queueing at till points
·   Customers are asked to pay with card or contactless if possible
·   Specialist cleaning products are used to regularly wipe down the countertops and chip and pin machines, ATMs, baskets and trolleys
·   Special markings installed throughout stores to showcase to customers two metre spacing and customers are asked to maintain these distances while shopping
·   Special markings installed outside stores so customers queuing to enter maintain safe distances of two metres

We hope you hear the messages next time you visit one of our stores!

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